August 17-18, 2014: Good People, Good Times, Good God

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…..Tera this morning made breakfast for the two of us and took us to Andy’s office in Milan. We thank Tera and Matt for putting us up for the night and giving us a peaceful Sunday afternoon, and good food! Andy then called in all his employees for a meeting in the meeting room. There we proceeded to tell his employees who we were and what we were doing. They blessed us by praying over us and donating some money. Andy then took us out for lunch at a cafe nearby and then drove to the pool where he met us the other day at the pool party. So, we then continued to walk till evening into Milan. Andrea, Andy’s sister, was having us over for the night. Her husband Tim picked us up at our location and then brought us back to their house. Tim is a very buff man by the way, he could probably throw a tank with his pinky. Anyways, when we arrived Tim showed us his vintage cars that he has been remodeling and his work out room (no wonder he is so ripped!). Dinner was finished and was a very hearty home cooked meal. It was great! Tim showed us where we could take showers, so we washed up and then joined Andrea, Tim, and their two kids before they went to bed. They of course wanted Trevor to play a song or two on his guitar before we headed off to bed. So he did.

….Tim early in the morning brought us back to where we got picked up from yesterday, just outside of Milan. Andrea offered to leave our backpacks at her house and she would later drop them off at the next house we were staying at. It sure did take a giant load off our backs. We were cruising for a bruising that’s for sure! Plus Tim gave us some super energy drink stuff he uses to give him a boost in his exercises. The road runner did not stand a chance against us. Andy then brought us donuts for breakfast early in the walk and we got to talk for a little and pray with him and his friend. He let us go and we continued to walk super speed all the way to the next town, Humboldt. Along the route we met an elderly couple from the church that saw us speak. They invited us in for a short water break. Thank God we did not have those backpacks because it was one of the hottest days of the summer, over a hundred degrees! Praise Jesus! When we arrived in the town we called Niki who was a member of Andy’s church. She picked us up at Sonic’s and then she picked up her son and daughter at school. When we came back to her house she did our laundry and let us take naps in the spare room before dinner was ready. Andrea and her two children came to visit and bring our backpacks over and so did Andy, Angie, and there five kids. It was a house full of awesome people. We had a great night chatting, talking, singing, and laughing. Being with this church fellowship felt like being with family. God really did bless us with his chosen people who really do seek him and love one another….

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