August 15-16, 2014: Church

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….We started walking from our campsite in front of a museum in McLemoresville TN. There was a gas station across the street that served soft served the best ice cream in all the lands. There we met a guy named Jim who we would unknowingly bump into during our walk today. We walked for a while towards the town of Milan and saw a house that was having a pool party which looked very nice to jump into this very hot day. Seemed that God heard us because Jim, whom we met at the gas station called out to us and invited us to swim in the pool. It was a family pool party and Jim was one of the family’s friends. The family’s name was Atwood. The Atwood’s did not hesitate to make us comfortable even though we were kind of complete strangers. After talking for a long while, Andy and his wife Angie invited us to their house for the night. When we got there they fed us lunch and we met all five of their wonderful kids who wanted to show us all their toys and rooms. Andy gave us a separate room to ourselves and told us that we could work on the blog for a good amount of time before the kids wake up and attack us. So, we worked on the blog for a bit and got a few things done. Later  Andy ordered dinner for us at Sonic’s and we enjoyed the rest of the night with the family who were very welcoming and hospitable. Felt like family!

The following day the Atwood’s took us to their church, First Baptist in Milan, and had us share at the young couples bible study. The group was deeply impacted by our testimony and Matt, the bible study leader, invited us for the night at his house. After the bible study we went to the main service and afterwards the pastor wanted us to share a little bit for the Sunday evening service later. Andy and Angie after the service brought us to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and to Walmart to get some supplies. We went back to the house and had a little Sunday nap before the evening service. Right before we started to leave the Atwood house it started to downpour like crazy and it was tough to get out of the garage and house gate because the electric went out. But God made it work out so that we could get to the church and share our testimony. A lot of people came to us after we spoke and made plans to have us at each of their houses for the next three days, we were set! God has definitely has his hand in it. Sometimes he gives us more than we could imagine for because he is the ultimate giver. It was also so beautiful to see the church come together and help us out, just like a family which is how church should be; serving and taking care of each other as a body of Christ. A body needs to take care of its different members to be able to live to its fullest. Afterwards, Matt and his wife Tera, and two children took us to their house for the night. Their was a lightning storm going on a fair distance away from Matt’s house that we decided to watch. It was an amazing site to see, there would be lightning bolts that would jump from one part of the sky to another and light up the whole sky. Tera then called us in for supper, enchilada soup. Later Trevor played some songs for the family. Matt and Tera’s two children, of course wanted to show us everything they owned. All little kids for some reason do it. After the kids went to bed we spent some time with Matt and Tera before we went to bed…

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