August 13-14, 2014: An Unexpected House and a Miracle of Love

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….Woke up this morning and went to McDonald’s with Will, his wife Lindsey, Andrew, and some of their youth students for breakfast. We had a great fellowship time with them and the youth students. They got us a sticker to put on Trevor’s guitar case before we left. Both Andrew and Will were great men of God and it was refreshing to be able to fellowship with people around our age group. The next town we started walking to was Milan and along the route a women whose name was Wendy saw us walking and pulled over to ask if we needed anything. We asked if we could camp out on the property and it turned out that they actually had a small vacant property for family members that would come visit them. They let us stay in there for the night. We met Wendy’s daughter Ashley at Huntingdon Church of Christ’s youth group yesterday which led to Wendy finding out about us. Her husband, Matt, took us to the property that was just up the hill from the road. Their nephew, Josh, came to the house to hang out with us for the evening. God blessed us because we needed to our laundry and take a much needed shower after 5 days of walking and sweating. We had the opportunity to minister to Josh and answer questions he had about Christians which cleared some things up for him since he hasn’t had the best upbringing in the church. It was a great to hear that we were able to answer and steer him in the direction of hope found in Christ Jesus. Matt blessed us by taking us out to dinner for the night and was very helpful in meeting accommodations for our stay.

…The next day Josh brought us breakfast and hung out for a little bit before we headed out. It truly was a divine encounter being able to minister Josh at that time of his life. God is so sovereign that he used us to walk across the country just to talk to Josh and say what he needed to hear for that specific time. It was a encouragement to see. Along our way to the next town McLemoresville, a young man was having trouble starting his weed whacker. So we felt lead by God to pray for the machine, which he let us put our hands on it, and it started working again. It just goes to show how much God loved this guy that he even fixed his weed whacker. God, cares about every little thing in life and knows what needs to be done to show his deep love for us. It ministered to this man’s heart and broke down walls he has put in front of God’s sovereign love for him. During our walk today God gave us opportunities to bless and pray for people along the road. It is one of the best feelings to see the joy on these peoples faces after praying and ministering to them. Coming into McLemoresville was a gas station where we ate dinner and asked if we could camp out. The owner of the store managed to get us a place to camp at the town’s museum and gave us a free pizza for dinner! So we walked to the museum location and set up tent at the front of the building. God proves himself faithful everyday and every way….

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  • Sheril Long says:

    I just wanted to share a little story of God proving Himself to me. He doesn’t always do things in BIG ways. He does them in little ways, as well, which He did for me this past weekend. I’m a very busy mother of 3 girls, two of them teenagers and involved in sports and the youth group. One of them had a birthday in August, in which she turned 16 (you met her when I pulled over to speak to you both, and you prayed for her while we were on our way for her to take her driver’s test!). I have been working on updating her bedroom as a birthday present, and being busy with work and activities, it has been a slow go, only being able to do a little here and there. It is finally coming together, and I have been looking for a mirror that is inexpensive since we are often strapped for cash, that I can paint and use for her dresser. I have looked and looked until this past Saturday, I turned down a road thinking I saw a yard sale sign, but no intention on going there, but felt like I should drive by. I didn’t see anything that looked like a mirror, but stopped anyway. I asked them if they had a mirror and at first the woman answered “No we sure don’t”, but the husband responded, “Wait, what about that one in the living room you’ve been wanting to get rid of?” She thought for a second, then said, “You’re right…do you want to come look at it?” Needless to say I got the perfect, paintable mirror for $20. I knew God had a hand it, just as a reminder to say, “See, I DO honor the little things you desire sometimes!” It may sound silly, but I knew it was God doing this for me! I had no intentions and wasn’t even looking that morning…I was on my way to the store. I felt a little sense, or a little urge, to go that direction. I’m so important to Him that He even led me to something as little as the perfect mirror! If I had been out searching for it, it would have been a long and drawn out process. This was too easy…it went WAY too smoothly for me…Silly, I know, I know….but REAL!

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