August 11-12, 2014: Will and Andrew

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….Today was just a simple work day. Breakfast was at the bar we slept behind and we had the chance to meet the bar owner before we left. There was a McDonald’s about a mile down the road that we went to use their wifi. During our time there we met a couple of people who were interested about our backpacks. We got pictures with them and they asked Trevor to play the guitar. Most of the people eating there were Christians that we got to encourage in obeying God and relying on his daily bread every day. We had a strange encounter with a man who was demon possessed and just told him the truth about Jesus. After hearing the gospel he walked away angry. Sometimes people hate the truth and can’t stand hearing about it. We continued working on the blog until the late evening. We walked to the nearest Walmart to see if they would allow us to camp out on the property. Unfortunately the manager did not let us but there was a twenty four hour gas station across the road that let us camp out like it was no big deal, which is really unusual for a gas station. God gives his children huge favor.

The following morning we had the opportunity to pray for a man who had carpal tunnel in his hands and he was healed! We also told him about Jesus and was inspired to read the bible when he got the chance. Since Trevor’s phone screen was severely broken, we went to a Verizon store down the street and got a new phone replacement. Since it took a while to get the replacement we saw that there was a Church of Christ across the road that we could ask to camp out on. We went to the church and met one of the youth ministers, Andrew who let us hang out in the church during the youth service. We also met Will who was also a youth pastor and best friend of Andrew’s. We also attended the evening bible study and got to meet the pastor and elders. After the bible study Will and Andrew took us to the gas station we stayed at the night before and bought us snacks. They introduced us to their spouses and we talked with all four of them and told stories and experiences that have happened on the trip so far. They let us stay in the youth room where we could spread out on the sofas for the night. It was a blessing from God that we met such devoted followers of Jesus that did not lack any love….

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