August 10, 2014: Horse and Buggies

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…..Richie took us to breakfast at McDonald’s and to Dollar General to get some small supplies in the morning and then dropped us off to walk. Richie had the heart of God and took care of us very well during our stay at the Assembly of God in Camden. He will be dearly missed. Today was a very long journey to the town of Huntingdon TN, about a sixteen mile trek to the town. We passed through the town of Bruceton where we went to a pork BBQ restaurant that was unfortunately closed on Mondays. The guy who owned the place saw us and bought us lunch at the Citgo gas station down the road. It started down pouring like crazy right when we sat down for lunch, God provided the shelter from the storm. At the gas station we met some fellow believers and encouraged them in the Lord. We continued walking after the down pour of rain toward Huntingdon, TN. On the outskirts of the town, we came to an area where we saw Amish horse and buggies, just like in our home town, Lancaster County, PA. Seeing this brought back a lot of memories of home. Continuing our way further into town we came to a bar that fed us dinner and let us camp behind the building. The bartender was a very sweet lady whom we got to minister to and was a Christian herself. It took a long walk to get here, about a sixteen mile journey and God gave us the strength and endurance to walk it even though we were extremely sore. He always gives what you need in the midst of your suffering. He always has a way out!

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