April 9, 2014

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Today we left Kingsport and arrived into Church Hill, Tennessee. On our way we stopped at an McDonald’s for lunch and met and talked to a guy named RJ. He was a newspaper deliver and he had a huge heart for people. We met a couple of other people as well who were curious about our journey. After lunch we walked into Church Hill and kept walking until we came to a baptist church. We were planning on asking to stay at a police station along the route, but we felt lead to go to the church and ask. So, we made our way to the church and asked if we could camp out on their property. The pastor and the youth pastor, Steve and Eric, let us camp out in the back of their church building where they had a fire pit. They also brought us out canned food for dinner. Later they offered that we could stay inside and could use their kitchen for cooking the food since it was going to get chilly that night. We got to talk to them for a while and share our testimonies to one another. They were genuine servants of God and you could tell by their character. They left, we cooked our dinner; pinto beans, corn, canned chicken, rice, canned peaches, chips, and then went to bed after eating.

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