April 7, 2014

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Jeffery’s father, Dennis took us back to the Waffle House where we left of walking that previous Sunday morning. We had breakfast there with Jeffery’s family. After breakfast we prayed together and had a heart felt goodbye. It was really an honor to get to meet Jeffery’s dad and being able to see Mark and Megan. We all had a blast with them during their visit. It was hard for them to leave especially for Jeffery since he might not see them for a whole year. After we said goodbye, we walked to a store called the Hobby Lobby, where they had a lot of cool artistic decorations for homes. We got to talk to a lot of people there about the journey. After exploring there, we went to look for a inn nearby because today we were going to work on the blog and website. We couldn’t find any decent ones, so we decided to go to a Chikfila not to far down the road since it had internet for us to use. During our time there we got to meet a super sweet kind girl employee, whose name was Makayla. She came over and sat with us at the end of her shift. She also gave us free meals for dinner. Later a policeman named Toby came into Chikfila and asked us what we were doing and we told him. Since we still did not have a place to stay for the night, and we could not camp outside Chikfila because the restaurant was closing at ten, we asked the cop, Toby, to help us. He gave a call to his church and they set us up and paid for a night at the Days Inn. So, Toby drove us in his cop car to the inn which was pretty awesome. Can’t say any of us has ever rode in a cop car until now. Toby was a super cool awesome guy and has such a heart for the Lord, and he made sure we got a nice ride to the Inn. He also prayed for us before his departure. After he left we got comfy in our beds and dozed off into a night’s slumber.

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