April 6, 2014

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Today we were blessed to spend time with Jeffery’s family! His Dad, Dennis; younger sister, Megan; and younger brother, Mark came from Allentown Northern Virginia to visit. It was a really great time getting to know Jeffery’s family more. They were really fun to hang out with. We went out to lunch and hung out at the Mariot Hotel where Trevor, Jeffery, and I stayed the night before. The Mariot was huge, so we got to explore a lot of it. Trevor got to play his guitar and show them his skills and Megan got to show us some of her piano skills on a mini grand piano in the hotel. Both of them were amazing. Megan was insanely talented at piano! We got to talk a lot during the day and in the evening we watched a movie and ordered pizza for dinner. We then all went to bed. It was quite the fun filled day, full of laughter and sorts. We were really blessed to spend time with Jeffery’s family and Jeffery was happy.

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