April 5, 2014

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In the morning we ate breakfast and left the suite at the Hampton Inn around 1 pm. Scott, gave us a bag of lunch before we left. The Hampton Inn in Bristol was awesome, not because of the suite but because of the people who were working. They were a huge blessing. Today we walked 15 miles to a Best Buy in Kingsport, Virginia. Trevor needed to buy a hard drive to store some more memory of GoPro footage. After we went to Best Buy we went to a Wendy’s to have dinner. There we met a very sweet and kind employee named Melissa (sorry if I got the name wrong). She sat and talked with us about the trip while she was on break. She told us to ask for a discount at The Mariot hotel. So we called the hotel and they gave us a free night! The only thing was it was a 4 mile walk from Wendy’s and we were exhausted. Melissa told us that she would try and find a ride for us, so we waited until Wendy’s closed for the night. She tried her best but she couldn’t find a ride for us. She was such a blessing though and we thanked her for everything. We decided to call the fire station and police, but it didn’t work out. So, we walked a little further to a gas station and asked the person who was on the late shift if we could have a ride. He said that he would ask one of his friends, and that did not work out as well. We then went to a Waffle House right across the street and we finally got a ride with some people who were curious about what we were doing. It was a blessing. They were pretty awesome people and one of them actually worked for the newspaper in Kingsport. She said that she would try and get us on the newspaper. We talked shortly with them and then went inside the hotel. It was a gigantic hotel, and it was very fancy. They had multiple recreational rooms and a golf course. We couldn’t explore though because it was about 4 am and we just did not have any energy whatsoever. So right when we got in our rooms we were out. I got to thank God again for his goodness and provisions!

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