April 5-11, 2016

….These next few days we were back on the old Route 66 through some towns. The first town we stopped at was Laguna where we got to encourage and pray for a young man who just rededicate his life to the Lord. We met him at a gas station we camped out at. From Laguna we continued to a area called Sky City where a lady paid for dinner at McDonald’s in a travel center. We also met a guy who had a random beautiful red parrot. We asked to camp out on a RV park but it was illegal because we were on a different Native American reservation, so they gave us a family and friends discount at a Sky City Casino hotel and we got to do our laundry during our time there. We then walked to Grants. That day the forecast said there was going to be a little bit of rain passing through, and we were a little under prepared for the weather. We both got super soaked! But we managed to make it to a gas station and unfortunately could not camp out. So we got got a ride to a inn just outside of Grants to get out of the weather. It was the only inn that had electricity to be able to get a room. The next day we got another night at a different inn that was cheaper and the front desk lady gave us a ride back to the gas station and we walked the miles we missed last night. We stayed a couple nights at the motel getting supplies from the Walmart next door. During our time there we met Kyle and Tom who were staying right next door to our room. Turns out these guys are going south to north hiking the continental divide trail from Mexico to Canada! They were cooking some food outside their room with a camping stove. We got to hang out with them the rest of the night and share some traveling stories. It was a totally God who brought us together!

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  • I see your ultimate destination is Huntington Beach, CA; my daughter and son in law live in Brea, CA and are a part of a wonderful community, Southlands Church. Now, they are moving to Redding,CA in June, but if you get to southern CA before they leave, I hope you can meet! My son in law works with NSP (National School Project) which is equipping college students to mentor high school students in sharing the Gospel on their campuses!! Take care, God bless your travels! ~Diane from Rowlett, TX (I met y’all in a Starbucks!!)

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