April 3, 2014

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A lady this morning brought us a hearty breakfast; baked ham and cheese sandwiches, and lemon cake. Her name was Jackie and she was super sweet. She also took us after breakfast to a Hampton Inn not too far down the road. The Lord really blessed us with a stay at the Inn. We got a military discount for a suite! Which is super cheap for a suite. Scott was the guy who gave us the discount and we thank him for such a huge blessing. Once we got our gear in the room, Jackie gave us a ride back downtown and we chilled there for the day. We got to explore a bunch cool stores. One of the places was an photography gallery. The gallery consisted of pictures of scenery and wildlife. It was quite inspiring. During our time there, we met a lady who was a devoted Christian. She was an employee for the photographer who took the pictures and explained the stories of where the photos were taken. She was very supportive and encouraging. We got to pray with her before we left. We explored downtown Bristol some more and got to encourage some fellow Christians we met walking. We also went to a really good burger and smoothie restaurant where we got to talk to a few other cool people. We then walked about 4 miles back to the Hampton Inn downtown. After getting situated in the suite we went to sleep. This was one of the most nicest stays at an inn yet, praise the Lord!

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