April 29-31, 2014: Good Times, Good People

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The Thai lady in the morning dropped us off (I keep losing names!) at Starbucks in the morning and we read for an hour the good word of God. During our time at the cafe we met some college students from the University of Tennessee whom we talked to for a while. Today we made our way outside of town and ended up going to a Blue Ridge Mountain Sports store to see if they had a cap for Jonathan’s Camel Bak and we wanted to see what kind of gear they had. One of the employees there, Beth, was really intrigued about our journey, so we told her our story and what not. She had a lot of insight on hiking and any question you threw at her she could answer. So, we got what we needed and Beth also offered for us to crash at her house for the night. After praying about it we decided to walk a little while longer and call her when we stopped. Along our way we met a guy named Tod and asked him if he knew the Lord. After a little while talking to him and through the words of the Holy Spirit, Tod became a brother in Jesus! He was excited and we referred him to churches we had visited close by that he could check out. It was great! After he left we made our way to a Chikifila down the road, ate, and called Beth. She came, took us to her house, and fed us some radishes that she grew. Beth’s mom, Susan, came over to meet us and also because she wanted to make sure that Beth was not letting three psycho serial killers into her house. When Susan met us she found out that we weren’t murders and wanted us to spend the night at her and her husband’s house. So, instead of sleeping at Beth’s we slept at her parents’ house. There, they let us do our laundry and gave us a bedroom for us to sleep in. The next morning, Susan’s husband, Loyd, cooked us breakfast and brought us back to Chikfila. We walked to McDonald’s to read our bibles. We didn’t get to walk far that day because of the weather and we left pretty late from McDonald’s so we walked to a Super 8 that was close by and got a discount for a stay. The next day Susan actually asked us to speak at the Christian Academy of Knoxville high school, where she taught bible to ninth grade students. All day, 7 periods of school time, we spoke about our journey and answered all the student’s questions. Susan and her son in law Steven joined his twelfth grade and her ninth grade students every period to hear us speak. The school also paid for lunch during our time there. It was fun and actually a lot easier to talk to people our age who would understand and relate since they were about two years younger than us. After a long day of speaking, Steven invited us to a family picnic. Steven actually walked the whole Appalachian Trail back in his younger days with another guy and wrote the book called “A Road More or Less Traveled.” He was pretty awesome and had a great heart for God and an intense mountain man beard. That evening we actually had the privilege of staying at Susan’s house again and it was a blessing because our families were coming to meet us the next day and they needed a place to stay for two days. They had enough room to house Jonathan’s mom and Trevor’s mom and brother. Later that night Beth, her boyfriend, and Steven came to hang out with us for a little while before we went to bed. What a day!

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  • Carol La rson says:

    Wow! This continues to be a Road to Jericho!!! You all just amaze me. I wish I were a guy and your age, I’d be there with you! But seeing I am not, I’ll just continue to enjoy your writings and pray for you….Carol (Knoxville Hampton Inn)

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