April 26 - June 14, 2016

….Today we had some wild terrain to hike through. Old route 66 came to an end again so we had to rig up a pathway going under the interstate. We went underneath and walked across a dried up riverbed under the road. To get through we had to clear the way through a thick wall of tumble weeds that blocked the tunnel with sticks. Some elderly Navajo ladies saw us go into the tunnel and came to bring us some water and food while we were clearing our way through. It was a cool provision that God had provided.  Once we got to the other side of the tunnel we had to take a road beside the train tracks to get back on where 66 started again. Cheryl wanted to pay for another stay at a hotel that was down the road in a very little town called Chambers, AZ. So she reserved a room for us for two nights in a row when we got there! The manager also gave a very generous discount for our stay. She kept blessing us because she knew that everything she had was given to her by God and she wanted to honor God by giving to us. What a cheerful giver! After the two days we decided to stay another two days because of weather. We were planning a route off Route 66 along the river since the road came to another dead end. Rivers flood easily out west if there is a heavy downpour and make everything muddy. We thought it would be a good idea not to get caught in it. Also it made it easier for Trevor’s Uncle Tim to pick us up.  During that time we got to minister to a man who was in the military, struggling with alcohol, and dealing with the past and what he did on duty. We prayed for him and he rededicated his life to the Lord and he was freed from a lot of things that were holding him down. We also got to spend a lot of time on the blog and with one another until Trevor’s Uncle Tim picked us up. Tim and his girlfriend, Diana picked us up and took us to a place they were camping at, a beautiful state park. We hung out with them for a couple of days until they took us to the airport. We then flew home for our friend Nate’s wedding because Trevor and I were two of his groomsmen. We have been home since preparing for our final stretch across the states, Arizona to California in just a few days….

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