April 24-28, 2014: Knoxville, Tennessee

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We had a very dreamy and pleasant rest in the cabin last night. Jacob arrived early to drop us off where he picked us up the day before, because he had to be at work. So we started where we left off towards the city of Knoxville, TN. It was quite the beautiful walk, the sun was out and the birds were chirping away, with beautiful Tennessee fields all around. We eventually arrived in Knoxville on Saturday the 26th. When we first arrived in Knoxville we went to a place called the French Market downtown to get internet and cool down. There, we got to meet some awesome people who were in town. We stayed with three awesome Godly men who lived in a apartment (sorry I am so super terrible with names!) who had some amazing testimonies. We got to sleep on their comfy, huge  couches. The next day one of the guys dropped us off at a church called Knoxlife and they held their services in am opera theater! It was a very different and unique experience because I can’t say that I have ever been in a opera theater church before. When does that happen! After leaving the church we walked around Knoxville and during our stay there the Dogwood Festival was going on. A lot of musicians and other artist were there. We got to minister to a group of hitchhikers who were about our age just traveling around. Two guys and one girl. They all had rough lives growing so, we got to share Christ’s love with them where they were at. We had the opportunity to give them a bible and help them out on their travels. You could see in their eyes that they really appreciated our time  spent with them. There were a lot of people we have had the pleasure meeting during our time in Knoxville. We met a guy named Zeph, who is living in a community of christian believers for about 30 years. We met a couple of hippies at World’s Fair Park the next day and met a christian Thai lady who owned a restaurant in town, who cooked delicious Thai food. She also invited us to stay at her home and took us to Waffle House in the morning. She had a lot of wisdom and gave us tips on preaching the gospel. It was a blessing being able to see people through Jesus’s eyes during our stay in the city of Knoxville and loving them the way he would, sincerely. It was a learning experience.

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