April 22 - 25, 2016

…The following day we walked back to the coffee shop to read the bible and pray for the day. We talked to a few people at the shop and then left. We were able to make it just outside of town and get a motel for the night because of our late start. The next day we walked for a short while but were not able to make it far because of the crazy wind gusts blowing against us so we found shelter at a Love’s gas station where we ministered to a guy who was demon possessed. God really did a miracle on his heart and he gave his life to Jesus! God is just amazing! He melts the hardest of hearts through his un-denying overwhelming grace. After that we decided to stay at an another inn since it was getting late. On our way to the inn we got to feed a homeless man and get him a room at a motel for the night and most importantly got to share the love of Christ with him…

…We walked about 16 miles to the Arizona border the next day to a truck gas station that let us camp out behind their building. ¬†We ate dinner there and talked to a few people that came around. It was a beautiful walk into the Arizona state because of the giant red rocks and plateaus. When we got passed the state line the next day it was completely different. There was no giant rocks, just giant long hills but a beautiful view that you can see out for miles and miles. We managed to walk a good distance in the wind and camp out on the side of the road….

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