April 20, 2014: Resurrection Day! Hurray!

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We were blessed to have such an amazing Easter! Last night we camped beside Heritage Fellowship Church in Jefferson City. Church members were pulling in while we were packing our tents and were eager to met us. They offered us showers when we entered and the pastors son Jonathan, (great name by the way) bought us some breakfast. After taking showers we got to talk to the pastor, Jim before the service began. He has amazing testimonies and was encouraging us greatly. The service started and the pastor let us sit in the front, and really wanted us to have a blessed time. The service was completely spirit lead, worship probably took about an hour, and they were a very artistic church. It was a really fun time worshiping and celebrating Jesus’s resurrection from the grave of death into everlasting eternal life! They had a lot of dancing arts in the service and it was entertaining and very moving. Towards the end of the service pastor Jim told the church about us, but did not give any details of what we were doing. He invited them to say anything God was putting on their hearts to share and encourage us. So people started to come and give us words from God which were spot on with what we were doing. The words the people had for us were very encouraging and helpful. God is so good and powerful! The service ended and a few more people came up to pray for us or give a word from God. Pastor Jim invited us to their Easter party they were having with a some families from the church. Also one of the men we met Brian, invited us to his house for the night with him and his pretty large family. So, Brian’s step son Josh took us to their house not to far down the road, and we met their family. There was about 6 kids total, big family, and they were a ton of fun. We all crammed in the family van wagon and made our way to the Easter dinner/party/egg hunt. There were about 5 or 6 families at pastor Jim’s daughter’s house for the party. During our time there we got to talk and have good conversation with some people who attended the church. There were many Godly men and women at the celebration. We got to hide eggs for the little toddlers and kids, and eat a lot of tasty foods. It was a happy time full of happy people being happy. After spending a few hours at the party we returned to Brian’s house. The rest of the night we got to spend with the family and it was a blast. They were a very energetic family; full of laughter and love. We felt like part of their family. God is going to use this family mightily and we thank them for taking us in and feeding us. We were truly blessed! Resurrection Day!!!

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  • epoxyn@aol.com says:

    This is awesome! God’s people are everywhere and for the most part, very loving and friendly and giving! What a story you will have when you are finished with ‘the walk’. I’ve shared your story with many of my friends. My daughter LeAnne posted my picture with y ou at the Hampton Inn/Knoxville. I feel like a celebrity! Praying for you…always! Looking forward to reading your blogs. May God watch over you and keep you safe…always! Blessings…Carol

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