April 2-4, 2016

…We took a nice stroll on the plateau and it was much more flat than what we hiked to get up on of top it. It was very quiet and peaceful with every now and then seeing some free range cows grazing on the plateau fields. We were on our way to get off, when unexpectedly the trail came to a stop at a fence with big signs that said something like “NO TRESPASSING OR FACE PROSECUTION.”It was a fence that led into a different Native American reservation called the Pueblo of Laguna, which had their own set of laws different from the reservation we were on. We were in a pickle. We got a hold of pastor Mike who tried to get to us by going up the plateau to pick us up, but it was too steep and rocky. So we were stuck. A lady who had permission to pass through the land to check on her cattle drove through and gave us the reservation’s office number, but no one answered. So we ended up camping for two days by the fence. During that time pastor Mike’s wife Laina got contact information for a police officer on the reservation. We gave him a call with a little battery life left on Trevor’s phone and the officer was able to get our location, drive there, and pick us up with another officer. We found a frontage road that was directly south of us to get dropped off at. It paralled interstate 40 so that we would not be skipping any miles of the journey. Since it was around evening when we got dropped off we camped off the side of the road. Although we did no know how we would get off the plateau God gave us the faith and patience to wait for Lord and sure enough he pulled through as usual, we just had to be ok with waiting for his perfect timing…

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