April 2, 2014

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It was a beautiful warm morning when we awoke in our tents. Randy, the camper next door, came over to chat a little more before we left the camp ground. We got to pray for each other before we left. Today we walked to Bristol VA. The town is split into two, one side is Tennessee and one side is Virginia. When we arrived in Bristol, we were pretty dang excited, because we have been in Virginia for so long. It was nice passing through Tennessee. Their was a street in the town that we crossed into Tennessee. The one side of the street was Virginia and the other Tennessee. The street was also down town Bristol and we got to walk through it. We could not find a place to stay during our time there. One of the Inns we went to did not have any rooms left, so we kept walking down the street, but we came across a church and it looked like there was service going on. We made our way to the church and the service ended shortly after arriving. After talking to them, they let us stay in the church gym and we could use the showers and kitchen. The pastor also got us burgers, fries and a frosty and we got to talk for a little while. After dinner we took showers and went to bed.

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