April 19 - 21, 2016

…..Cheryl in the morning wanted to bless us again by getting us another night at the hotel. She also brought us back to the casino and bought us lunch at a restaurant inside. We then walked back to the hotel which was about two miles down the road. Then Cheryl took us to a car wash to clean our strollers off and to Walmart to get some food supplies for going into Arizona. What a blessing! Once we got back to the back to our room we did our laundry and reorganized our gear. We put aside somethings to send home to make our load lighter. The next day we walked into Gallup to a ministry called Little Sisters of the Poor. It was a Catholic based ministry where nuns would take in elderly people and take care of their needs. Sort of like a nursing home. They were very welcoming and hospitable to us. In the evening they invited us to dinner and in the morning and afternoon we joined them for breakfast and lunch along with all the other residents. They gave us a separate apartment where we slept. It had a shower, a fridge, stove, and a living room. We also got spend some good time with the residents. We left the nursing home the following day and headed into the downtown of Gallup and went to a coffee shop called the Silver Stallion Bakery. Along the way we met some amazing people. We really got to speak the gospel to a man who just got kicked out of his house by his wife because he was abusive. He was really broken about it and needed Jesus and prayer. We got to show him the hope he still has in Jesus which goes way beyond his present circumstance. Although he did not give his life Jesus we had the privilege to plant an un perishable seed. ¬†After that encounter we continued walking to the Silver Stallion. One of the guys who was working there, Collier, got us a place to stay for the night at the owner of the The Silver Stallion’s house. So we walked to his place and camped in his backyard….

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