April 19, 2014: Closed Bridge, Gas Stations, and Walking

By April 28, 2014 Uncategorized

Today we made our way to a church in Jefferson City, TN called Heritage Fellowship Church, which was about 11 miles away. It was a very beautiful day and very scenic. Not to much happened today while walking; we saw a decent amount of road kill, had some good conversations amongst one another, walked across a closed bridge that was being worked on, and ate lunch at a gas station. Got to also talk to a few people that wanted to know our story who stopped on the side of the road. It was a solid walking day. We got to the church and met the caretaker of the building, James. James was willing to do anything for us, but he had to get permission from the pastor to camp out on the property. He allowed us to camp on the kids playground area beside the church, and let us in to us the church facilities. For dinner we went to a diner, but it was closing, so we decided to go to the gas station down the road. There we got some canned goodies and snacks; beans, Chef Boyardee, Ritz Crackers, Ramen noodles, pickles (canned foods are actually pretty good when they are cold surprisingly, you get a taste for them). After a good feast we got sleepy eyed and went to bed.

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