April 18, 2014: A Good Friday

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We started the morning with a delicious breakfast provided by Crampton. We had some good talk with Crampton before he had to leave for work. Crampton was a great guy and was just so hospitable, willing to go out of his way to make us comfortable at his home. He was also pretty hilarious, cracking some puns here and there. When we got our stuff packed we left his house and went into downtown Morristown. It was a cool little downtown street, and you could actually walk on the upper levels of the street. They had sidewalks that were up to the second story along the buildings. We walked our way to the Java Garden cafe and had a great time with the Lord on Good Friday, just thanking him and rejoicing in him for the sin that he put on the cross so that the whole world could live. The Cafe was actually a garden, no joke. You could go outside to a small garden where there was seats and small plants and trees. Sometimes they had live music, but no one was playing while we were there, except Trevor of course couldn’t resist playing out in the garden. There we just worked on the blog, pictures, and talked to some employees and encouraged them. After being there for a couple of hours we walked a short ways to an Inn down the road. The front desk lady was very sweet and gave us a discount for our stay for the night. That night we watched The Passion of the Christ in honor and remembrance of Good Friday the day Jesus got his flesh ripped off and went through the greatest suffering known to man so that we can have an eternal relationship with him. Without him we would not be walking on this trip. He is our strength foundation, and the reason we endure and hope. We are ready expect much more on this trip and see how he will use us because of his perfect sacrifice. Glory to God!

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