April 17, 2014: Crampton

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Today we walked into Morristown and got to talk to a handful of people. First in the morning we talked to a very kind Hindu couple who spoke very little English but, were ecstatic about our journey. They cleaned our room at the Super 8 and told us that we could take our time. On our way towards Morristown, TN a pawn shop owner started to talk to us and invited us in his shop. He was selling all sorts of stuff, from TVs to mechanical tools. We got to talk to him for a little while about what we were doing. After leaving the shop we walked deeper into Morristown. A guy named Crampton was mowing his lawn and saw us walking. He offered us some water but we declined because we already had water in our Camel Baks. He was a Presbyterian and owned a beautiful, I think early 1900s home that was passed down to him. We left after a quick chat with him and went further into town. Later Crampton caught up with us and apologized for not inviting us to camp out in his back yard. He had to finish mowing the lawn so we just walked back to his house which was not too far away. When we got to Crampton’s house he showed us the backyard and where we could camp. After he was done mowing he asked us what we wanted for dinner, which actually he choose because we were content with anything. So, we came to the consensus for cheeseburgers on the grill. So Crampton went out and bought meat for the burgers and some other materials such as, sunscreen and a pack of cards for us to play on the road. He invited us inside and gave us root beer to drink. Crampton also used to be a musician and was in a band called The Presberries (short for Presbyterian). He wrote some hits for his church. Since he loved music he showed us a lot bands he listens to. One of them had an early 1900s jazzy sound and they were called St. Paul and The Broken Bones. They were awesome! Check them out! A little while later we met Crampton’s wife who was just as awesome as her husband. Crampton fired us up some burgers that he hand pressed. It was probably one of the best burgers I have ever had, besides my dad’s. We had dinner outside on the patio next to a fire that Crampton made. We talked and talked and it was a real fun time. We were blessed to share our time with such hospitable people.

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