April 17-18

…Cheryl and her daughter picked us up to take us to their church, The Potter’s House. They had a great service. After church we went to Cheryl’s house and they helped us figure out a route back to Route 66 on a dirt road that ran beside the railroad tracks. So they dropped us back off at the Coolidge exit with some Subway subs for lunch and we made our way to the tracks. It started to snow and hail which made it muddy and making it really difficult to push our strollers. Our feet also were slipping all over the place! To fix the problem we got some sticks and pushed clay off our tires so that they could move. Some spots on the roads were easier to push than some other spots, but it still was very exhausting. One of the trains that came by stopped to give us water and some snacks. We got to talk to the train conductors for a bit and they let Trevor use the bathroom on the train. We got a pretty awesome picture with them on the train. We camped out after they left. The next day Cheryl came all the way out to give us breakfast and coffee! She is so awesome! After eating we continued on the dirt roads. It was more dry that day so we were able to push the strollers better. We came across a spot where a lot of the road was flooded, but we managed to get around it. Finally we got off the dirt roads onto pavement and walked to a town called Church Rock, New Mexico. We were on Navajo turf again so we could not camp out, but we made it to a casino that night that gave us a ride on a shuttle bus to some hotels 2 miles down the road for the night. At the casino we ministered to a lady who was having a hard time whether to believe Jesus or no. She was raised a Christian, but did not see people actually follow him. We prayed and encouraged her to get to know Jesus by what the bible says instead of who people tell her who he is. That night we got a room at a hotel. Even though it was a rough struggle to get through those dirt roads God gave us mercy, grace, and joy even though we were frustrated and grumbling at first. He helped us find joy in the midst of suffering for his name and it turned out that we got to speak to one of his lost daughters who needed an encouraging word to come back to a relationship with him. That is worth the suffering and we are thankful for it!

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