April 15, 2014: The Stray Pup

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Today when we left the Inn, we decided to take a more scenic route; a back road to Morristown, Tennessee. Along the road there was a random puppy who was very nervous. Eventually it warmed up and let us pet it. A guy whose property it was on told us it was a stray and that we can keep it. We named it “Tennessee” or “Tenny” for short. So it followed us for about 5 miles. All was well until we got on the main road. She almost got run over about 4 times. Thank God she didn’t because it would have been gruesome and traumatizing. After walking a few miles on the main road, Tayler’s mother stopped on the side of the road to talk to us. She ended up taking us to her childhood church down the road called Russelville Church of God. We had to leave the dog because she was too much of a hassle, and it was very stressful making sure she wasn’t going die by being hit. Tayler’s mom talked to the sound guy who was at the church and he made sure that it was alright with the pastor. The pastor approved and we got to stay. Skip, the sound guy for the church, showed us around the building and let us use the kitchen. He showed us a preview of their Easter Sunday play, and it was pretty spectacular. He also took us to get a bite to eat at Wendy’s. We really appreciate Tayler’s mom and Skip for helping us out this night not just because of their hospitality, but because it was going to be freezing cold that night.

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