April 14, 2014

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In the morning we got a ride back to Food City and walked to an inn at the end of Rogersville. Along the way a lady stopped and talked to us. She also invited us to dinner that evening. We told her we would let her know when we would check in the inn. We walked a little further into downtown and found a cool store that sold antiques and many more gadgets and gizmos. There we talked with the store manager for a while about the trip and what he believes. From there we walked to the inn. When we got to the inn the lady came to pick us up for dinner. She had a beautiful house and cooked a delicious meal. She also had some spectacular energetic kids. She truly blessed us by giving us a meal for the night and her family’s company. When we got back to the hotel, two high school students wanted to talk to us. Ryan and Lucas saw us and pulled over on the road and talked to us a little. Later they came looking for us all over town for about 5 hours! They were inspired by our story and wanted to talk to us more. So we talked about our testimonies and encouraged them in their relationships with Jesus. After talking for a while, they had to leave. After they left we went back to our room and went to bed.

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