April 13, 2014

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We woke this morning and got ready for church. We were camping on the church parking lot so it was not a far walk to church, maybe only a couple yards. The church was called Edgewood Church. Lauren and the ladies from Amis Mill the other night pulled in and invited us in for bible study. After bible study was the church service and after the sermon the pastor invited us up to speak. They showed much love to us and we were like family to them. One of the ladies there, Penny, told us that we could stay in her vacant mobile home for the night and told us the address to get there. After the service Lauren and the ladies, Molly, Steph, Dani, and their husbands took us to the local park for pizza. We had a great time with them and their families. We got to tell our stories and testimonies of the trip so far and it really encouraged them. After our time with them they dropped us back off at Food City where we got picked up the day before. While reading our bibles there, a young lady, Taylar, whom we met at Food City yesterday, asked us if we would like to attend her church’s service in the evening. So she called her dad to come pick us up. Her dad’s name is Mike and her little brothers name was Micah. At the church they let us speak about who we are and what we were doing. Later a missionary family spoke who were from Venezuela. They have a mission field where they farm and teach young men and women about God and his goodness. We got to talk to a lot of the church folk afterwards and they prayed for us and blessed us. We thank them for taking us in as family. Mike then offered to drive us to the vacant mobile home that Penny let us stay in. When we got inside the home we prayed over it and then went to sleep. It was a great opportunity to be able to speak at such loving and caring churches.

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