April 12-16

….The next day we had breakfast with Tom and Kyle before leaving the town of Grants. We left later due to talking, but the following town was not even 5 miles down the road . We couldn’t find a place to sleep so we went to a Love’s Travel Station, which is open 24 hours and spent the night there. For some reason a lot of things went down that night. There was one young lady who had fled to the gas station pretty late that night because she was running away from her abusive boyfriend. We got to pray for her and encourage her to trust the Lord that she will be safe and she calmed down a lot. The police came to pick her up shortly afterwards. There was also a homeless lady who was hanging out and we got to minister to her as well. Another guy, who was actually working at Subway inside the station, we got to share the gospel to. He grew up knowing about God but never really heard the true gospel, which gave him a new perspective on it. During that night we got to sleep very little. When the sun started to rise we headed out a short distance away from town and camped out near a Native American store because we were so tired, in fact Trevor was falling asleep while walking! We took a lot of naps for the rest of the day. ¬†We walked 14 miles the next day and camped out again on the side of the road. The next day we walked past the Continental Divide and continued on the interstate since the service road ran out. A cop pulled us over and asked that we get off the highway because it was illegal. So they helped us get our strollers over a fence on a road that was parallel to the interstate and told us that there was some dirt roads that would eventually end up running back to the service road that we could take. We ended up camping near an exit to an area called Coolidge, New Mexico because it started to hail and rain. We ended up setting up the tent in the dark in the rain and some of our gear got soaked. Thankfully God provided us with some extra dry clothes to warm ourselves up. It ended up snowing through out the night about 3 inches and some of the tent was weighed down. We hit the snow off and fixed it up. We stayed another day camping out due to more inclement weather and the dirt roads getting really muddy. During the day, in the afternoon, a Navajo lady named Cheryl and her daughter came and gave us food for dinner. We asked if there were any churches around and they said that they could take us to their church tomorrow morning. God is faithful!

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