April 11, 2014

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Today, Don brought us breakfast in the morning; sausage, biscuits, and gravy. He was very kind and had a servant heart. We appreciate all that he has done for us. After eating and some bible reading we made our way towards Rogersville, Tennessee. Along the way a lady pulled over on the side of the road. She talked to us and told us about a Mill not to far down the road that had a waterfall and some cool scenery. We had met this lady’s sister at the pizzeria we ate yesterday and that’s how she found out about the journey. Her little daughter wanted our very first autograph. It was pretty cool because we have never been asked that before. So, we walked a little more to the mill and there was actually a restaurant right across from the mill. The place was called Amis Mill. While we were going into the restaurant, we met a guy named Levi and invited him to eat with us. He had hitchhiked to Amis Mill to visit his girlfriend for a week. He was camping out on the campgrounds of the mill. After eating we decided to camp out with him next to the mill and set up our tents. We got to hang out with him and talk to him about Jesus. He was really interested and wanted to start reading the bible more and see for himself. Levi was a traveler, and has hitchhiked across the country. He had a lot of stories to share about his experiences. He was pretty hip. Some of the waitresses at the restaurant told a lot of people being served what were doing. So, a lot of people wanted to talk to us at the restaurant . After talking we went back to the campsite and hung out with Levi for the rest of the night. Trevor played Levi songs on his guitar and Levi played for us some tunes on his harmonica. Eventually we went to bed beside the beautiful waterfall that God blessed us with for the night.

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