April 10, 2014

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In the morning we arose, read our bibles, and had breakfast. Shortly after we left. We walked and ate lunch at a pizzeria where they had some delicious stromboli’s. A lot of people came and talked to us while we were there and they gave us a 10 percent discount off the food. We continued walking until we came to a church in Church Hill, Tennessee. We knocked on the door and asked pastor, whose name was Don, if we could camp on the property. He let us sleep inside and he gave us coffee, drinks, and food. We got to talk with Don for a little while, but he had to go. Don came back later to check on us briefly to see if everything was going well. He then left after talking a little bit because we needed to go to bed. We thank God for Don opening up his church for us and providing us good environment to sleep.

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