April 1, 2014

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Today in the morning we got to really talk and confront each other on things that we could work on as individuals. It was nice to be able to encourage and help each other out. Our next destination was Bristol, where half of the town is Tennessee and the other half is Virginia. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day so we decided to camp out at a park that was along the way. The park office was closed when we got there, but thankfully a park ranger named Charles, offered to drive us to the campsite. When we got there we set up camp. It was one of the nicest nights yet, a lot better than 5 degree weather that’s for sure! While we were there we had the privilege to talk to a fellow camper right across the road from us. His name was Randy and his dog’s name was Shep, short for shepherd. He was also a Christian and he told us his experiences with God. They were very powerful and we were deeply encouraged by him. He also gave us some oatmeal cookies for dinner before we left to finish setting up camp. That night we built a fire
and cooked some Mac and cheese, rice and dry beans, and oatmeal cookies. After dinner we slipped off into our tents. Praise God for a warm night!

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  • Heather Harwood says:

    It was very nice to meet you guys Saturday night. I hope you had a great experience in Kingsport! We (Heather, Jonathan and Clint) wish you all the very best. Please stay safe and we will be keeping up with your journey.

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