IMG_7656 (4)On Sunday, October 6th we left the east coast from Ocean Grove, New Jersey. My friend Phill and I set out on a pursuit. This pursuit is of Jesus Christ and a real belief in His words. I am humbled knowing that there is nothing I can do to make anything happen from God. I’m learning that I have nothing to offer but simple obedience and patient listening to His voice and leading. He does and has been moving but things are on His time and in His will. The name of Jesus is powerful and I am learning what it is like to follow that name. The beginning of this trip was rough because I didn’t know how to lead, how to let go of my own presumptions, and how to silence my cluttered mind before God in each moment. I’m still learning these things but now I am remembering that being overwhelmed and fully satisfied by Jesus Christ with the word of God (the Bible) and the Holy Spirit is where I need to start. I forgot how simple it is to follow Christ. It simply cost everything and you get to have more of Him! People are being touched and God is on the move, but I feel like I am the one who is being radically molded through each day and it is burning in me to the core. To go from glory to glory is to be consistently humbled and in recognition of error, while standing strong in the Holy Spirit and truth. Everything that God does through us is for His glory and we get to follow in His footsteps!

Having the bare minimum with God alone to provide has been humbling for me lately. I have come to realize that no matter how rough things look, the Lord my God will always comes through. Miracles big and small from God providing places to sleep and a soaking wet camera working great, to healing, and God changing the weather are all God’s and nothing is difficult for Him. I am so privileged to serve a powerful and awesome God. Things are getting much better in this season and we are so blessed to have so many people praying for and encouraging us in God’s work! We look forward to writing more and sharing stories and things God is doing. Have a good week y’all!

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