November 17-20, 2016

…We continued to hike until we came to Williams, Arizona. Mel came to visit us shortly in the morning at our campsite before we arrived in town. He was in the area when he called us to see where we were at. Seems like he is really enjoying Arizona. It was a random suprise and it was good to see a familiar face. We packed afterwards and made our way into Williams. Unfortunately we were stuck in town for a little bit because Trevor’s sore throat had gotten a lot worse so we had to get a taxi back to Flagstaff because the urgent care centers there were the only ones who could take his insurance. Merrill, the taxi driver was super helpful and did not charge us a lot to take us. Turned out Trevor’s tonsols were infected. The doctor gave us the prescription and we picked it up on our way back. We stayed another day for Trevor to recover and he was feeling a lot better as the day went on. A Calvary Chapel pastor in Williams put us up at an inn in town. The following day we went to their church and they invited us out for lunch. They really made us feel right at home and were so helpful. Eventually we got out of town and headed west to the next town Ash Fork….

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