November 5-12, 2015

…We spent a couple days in Onely, Texas. We met a lot of town folk who were extremely helpful to us. At an ice cream shop we met Tom who owned the shop. During our time there he took us to the high school football game and gave us a lot of useful food supplies for the road, like canned heat and dry food we could cook on the road. Another person who was a sweethearted lady named Rosie took us to see airplanes built for scattering seeds over farmland. We also got to meet the chief of police officer in Onely, Berry, who was also a preacher for the Lord. He also only had one arm! This guy was hardcore awesome! After we left Onely he and his son came to pick us up and took us to his church where he preached the following day.

…Berry and his son dropped us back off at our walking location. We then walked to a small town called Magargel, where Berry called the pastor of a community church in town to let us stay in their building. They allowed us to spend the night in the church and bought us dinner and breakfast for the next day. From Magargel we went to Seymour and camped out on the side of the road for the night. During the two days getting to Seymour, a youth pastor named David walked with us for a short time just to encourage us and hear our story. Eventually we got to the town of Seymour, Texas.

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  • Carol Larson says:

    Always excited to read about your incredible journey. What a ‘best seller’ book you will have! Probably a Christian movies, too! Life will never be the same – only better! You are amazing!

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