April 21-23, 2014: Meatballs and a Castle

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Starting from Easter Sunday, Josh took us to breakfast at Chikfila and afterwards pastor Jim and his wife came to the Jones’s house to pray for our departure. It was very sad saying goodbye to this family because they were so cool and fly, but also because we got to know them and they felt like family to us. God has a lot of powerful plans for this family. After saying goodbye Josh dropped us off at the Heritage Fellowship Church and we read our bibles there for a bit. While reading a lady from the church came out to talk to us about staying at her house for the night. So we ended up going to her house and met her husband who had the previous day, had a word from God for us. During our stay we learned a lot from them about hearing the voice of God and their ministry. They have a ministry where they teach people how to hear the voice of Jesus and obeying it. They fed us good with delicious meatballs and some kind of noodles with it. After dinner was over we got to talk to the family some more and then went to sleep. The next day, which was Tuesday, we traveled to New Market and camped out at the New Market Fire station. The commander Sammy, let us camp out beside the building. In the morning Sammy bought us a nice breakfast and some food to take along the road. We then walked to Strawberry Plains, TN and along the road a man named Jacob pulled over on the side of the road, curious about what we were doing. We talked for a bit and ended up staying in a cabin owned by him. Jacob has a ministry retreat where couples can come up for counsel, they have a cabin for missionaries who need a place to stay (we got to stay in that cabin), and there is a youth ministry called monk retreat, where they hand write passages of the Bible for better memorization of the book. There is a lot more detail and information on their website: www.castleministries.org. When we got to the cabin we offered to paint the back porch for him, so we did. He just got the cabin built and got it off Craigslist for free, took it apart and brought it to his retreat property. We only got to paint half the deck because dinner was ready before we could finish it. So we ate dinner at his house not to far up the trail. I should not say house, because it was a castle, really it was a castle! If you want to see it check out Jacob’s website or our Instagram and you will see what I mean. After eating and fellowship with the family we helped Jacob with a few more small projects and he took us back to the cabin. When we arrived we went to sleep in the nice and cozy cabin beds. More stories will be told soon…..

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