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  1. Hi Guys,

    We were so blessed to have you in our Sunday School class today and in church. We always love to have visitors but rarely do we have some who have undertaken such a huge goal and have such a simple and loving message. You inspired us. It was great to pray for you and to have your prayer for me. I am eager and excited to see you reach your final goal. God bless you. God keep you safe. May God’s children be inspired by you. And My hope is that more of God’s created people come to know Him and want to live lives that are pleasing to Him and they learn to be closer and closer followers of Jesus Christ,

    • Thank you Sharon! It was such honor and privilege to be a part of your bible study. We were very encouraged and refreshed. Your guys humility towards the lord is amazing.

      God Bless,
      Trevor and Jonathan

  2. What an honor it was to meet the both of you this past Sunday at Hillside Community Church. I was the one who walked you to the mens room and thought what kind and polite young men you were. I had no idea that you were on this journey. God bless the both of you. I will be praying for traveling mercy for the both of you. Blessings, Vicky 🙂

    • Thank you Vicky! We enjoyed your church’s service a lot! You guys are amazing!!

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