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    We are walking across America simply for the love if it. We love this country, the people in it, and God who hand crafted each of them. Our focus is to grow more in love with God and people by reading the Bible, living Biblical lifestyle along with local Church gatherings, and to help people find where their story meets with God’s love and salvation for them.



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  1. Guy says:

    I just met you guys at the petrified Forest railroad I am a deputy Sheriff from Tennessee
    It was really nice to meet you guys may God bless your footprints into the future

  2. Veronica says:

    Safe travels. It was nice meeting you both here in Coolidge, NM. Thanks for going to church with me. I would’ve probably never went back if it weren’t for you guys. I admire your strength and confidence. God Bless you both and remember if you need anything let us know.

    • Steve Orton says:

      Coolidge NM was my home town in High School, so amazing to know that God has his hands on my two friends, not only through the East Mountains and the city but also through the land of the Dine as well!! Thanks Veronica for being there for our friends, hoping all is well at Elim Haven and your church as well!!

  3. deb gogno says:

    Just heard your story,, best to you both. You will succed. Be safe. Deb Gogno

  4. Ted Grycel says:

    Thank You for coming into our lives and fellowship we’ve shared with the Lord, you and our church over the past couple days Our lives with be forever changed. We’ve been praying for the youth, and young men to become leaders. Low and behold, the Lord sends us 2 travelers to let us know that He’s got this, and He’s empowering young men to lead the young and new generation. The last few days have been total , WOW!!!! The Holy Spirit filled us to where we are overflowing with love. We love you two, and we know God has something so so so special in store for you, I have this vision of an awesome ministry he wants you to do. Walk in Faith, Peace and Love that only Jesus can provide. Fill your heart with awe of His creation as you experience every moment of you walk. I love you my brothers

    Ted, Tracy and Mary Grycel tgrycel@yahoo.com

  5. ceetz says:

    May God bless you both on your journey. It was an inspiration to have met you both. Glad our family had the chance to get to know you a bit 😃 God bless you with safe travels!

  6. mike ruth says:

    I am an admirer of your family and a business associate/Friend of your Super Dad.
    You are a inspiring proof of the value of Great Parenting and GOD’s Exceeding Grace!
    Did I miss an element of this site that charts your progress?
    Add my prayers for your health, safety, and provision of your daily needs…..and especially that The Spirit of The Living Christ JESUS is seen through to all you meet…….that you would in fact be used as salt and light….to HIS Greater Glory, Amen? As you see and experience GOD’s Hand on your mission, I know you will give Thanks and Praise to Our Source.
    Surely you will encounter trials. Can we be as secure as Paul at those times, that our contentment, satisfaction, even our Joy, need never again be a function of our circumstances, Amen?. Can we count trial as Joy when the happen? Recall the Israelites fleeing Pharoah and their Egyptian persecutors, coming up against the sea. They were cursing Moses and even God. When safely on the other side, delivered by Grace, they sang loud Praises. Anyone could do that after being delivered. This was a case of singing “the right song—on the wrong side”. Knowing what we know now, we can sing His Praises BEFORE He leads us through the trials.
    What a difference made by Calvary and His Resurrection…and His Presence as The Holy Spirit resides on the Throne of Hearts! Such love has to be shared.
    Hoping you are counting Blessings as you are BEING a Blessing,
    Grateful ever,
    Mike in NJ

  7. kbug66 says:

    Just wondering where you guys are now.

  8. Cindy Turner says:

    I enjoyed talking to you three on hwy 114 you are truly a joy. I have thought about you. Hoping you are fed, warm, and in no pain from the walking. May God keep you safe on your journey. I love you, guys. Cindy

  9. Godspeed Shadrach, Mesach And Abednego. We have seen the hand of God today

  10. Rivon Nilson says:

    Out riding in the pasture today, Becky and I had the opportunity to meet Kirk, Johnathan and Trevor walking along Hwy 199 in Texas pushing their buggies filled with personal belongings. With cheerful smiles and hearts for God, their story of spreading the good works of Jesus across America is inspiring. Their journey began from their hometowns in Pennsylvania and will conclude at Huntington Beach, California. Please pay for their safety and health as they continue the journey ahead of them. What a blessing it was to meet these young energetic disciples.

  11. Cassidy says:

    May God keep blessing you, stay safe! 😉 hugs from the Arments

  12. Monica says:

    What an inspiration to all. It is so moving to see the love and support from strangers. It is rare and great to see people with huge hearts that otherwise are undiscovered by so many! Shout out to Kurtie, mom is so proud of you, we get to hear all of the great stories! Tammy, Jay, Savannah, JJ and I are cheering you on! Be safe and have a once in a lifetime experience!!

  13. Cassie Wade says:

    It was wonderful to have you as our guest today at the Methodist church in Jacksboro. May God bless you in your adventures. Stay safe!

  14. Aimee says:

    Hi guys- we talked a little while with you at the Salt Creek Grocery Store today. Y’all are truly an inspiration! Yes I’d definitely call it an honor to have been able to share a few moments with you. To me y’all are more incredible and definitely worthy of being called celebrities if anyone is worthy of it. You have instilled strength to follow your faith and calling. What you are doing is exactly as Christ’s disciples did. You left worldly possessions behind and travelled as they did to spread the gospel. I feel your actions are more in line with the true church than any church of modern times! Truly inspiring and amazing. If not for an infant a toddler and two older teens you may have had me following you. Absolutely wonderful!

  15. Jennifer coss says:

    Just met you guys at McDonalds in springtown Texas. The message that you are spreading is awesome and wish you the best in your travels. God bless you!!!!

  16. Jennifer coss says:

    Just met three of your guys at a McDonalds in Texas. I love the massage you are spreading throughout our nation. God bless you !!!!

  17. tony lewis says:

    nice meeting y’all today have a safe journey throughout

  18. graceheinrich@icloud.com says:

    2 cool kidz walkin cross ‘merica

    • NADINE SLAYTON says:

      I think that what you guys are doing is a truly and amazing thing. I did not get to meet you even though you came through our town in Brownsville, Tennessee. Before I read your article in the local paper my daughter and I saw you guys going to walmart and we wondered what your story was until I read the paper and that is when I started to follow you guys. Continue your journey in spreading your word and may God bless and keep you. God Bless/ Follower

  19. Rey Gonzalez says:

    Blessings on you my brothers on your journey, may the LORD bring growth and strength in your walk…GOD BLESS JOO GYZ

  20. freshideawriter says:

    Thank you for visiting us at the Christ For The Nations Institute Alumni Association! We’re proud of your parents as one of our alumni, and we’re proud of what you’re doing to share the love of God around the U.S. May God bless you and give you safe travels! May your shoes never wear out…

    • We are so thankful for Christ For the Nations and my parents being apart of such an anointed school. It sure is a blessing having parents that were a part of it and have learned so much of the Lord through it to teach me since I was little. You guys are awesome. God bless you guys as well!

  21. Joseph Cole says:

    Thanks for stopping by the Christ For The Nations Institute Alumni Association! It was a pleasure getting to know you guys. We’re proud of your parents, two of our alumni, and we’re excited about what you’re doing to share the love of God around the US. God bless you and give you safe travels! May your shoes never wear out…

  22. Jeff White says:

    Great meeting you guys! I admire the both of you for acting on God’s calling in your life! May you find more rest and encouragement from other Believers on your journey across this GREAT country of ours. Don’t forget to Eat More Chicken along the way!

    I leave you with this verse praying that y’all stay strong and finish well:

    Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. (‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭16‬:‭13-14‬ ESV)

    In His Grip,
    Jeff White
    Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator

  23. Phil Dunson says:

    Bro’s, Just dropped ya’ll off at Watermark in dallas, Tx. Blessed by our time to encourage one another in the faith. Hope you guy’s can stay for The Porch on tuesday.

    Be Disciples and make Disciples my brothers. Come and see our Christ and not our church, that is what its all about!!! Stay bold men!!! Romans 12:1-2

  24. tommy mcmurry says:


  25. tommy mcmurry says:

    hey you guys were so inspiring i just met u guys i wish u could stay longer and listen to more about ur journey i love you guys u will always be on he top of my my plz come back and visit us at cornerstone rockwall im gonna tell all of my friends about u guys

  26. deorl says:

    Enjoyed fellowship with you two. Remember, A.W. Tozer Pursuit of God. Praying for you each to realize fully Galatians 2:20. Now, trust God and lock your doors.

    • Kim Grimes says:

      Oh Daryl I wish I could’ve met these amazing men of God who are on fire for Jesus. This truly excites, uplifts and inspires me. I can’t do something this physicality demanding due to medical conditions or go far from home for a length of time because I’m a mommy but there’s a lot more I can do to get out the good word. Bless you!

  27. Dan Blemings says:

    Thank you Trevor and Jonathan for sharing with us at the Blackburn and Phillips Life Group at Lakepointe Church in Rockwall, TX last night. A great time of sharing and quite a performance on the guitar!

  28. Anthony Ramoz says:

    Met you guys today at The Life House where I work and you two are amazing! Good luck to the both you in your journey and I wish nothing but the best for you guys!

  29. Tori Richeson says:

    Y’all stopped in at the life house today, where I work and I had the pleasure of meeting the two of y’all. Seriously, such an inspiration. You guys are awesome, keep doing what you’re doing! God is good!!
    Much love from Texas!!!

  30. adam u. alvizo says:

    it was nice to meet yall !!!! hope yall have a safe trip and hopefully yall will come back around one day!!! @roysecitytexas

  31. You guys are definitely a gift to us here in Greenville! Just you being stopping by Greenville gave us the encouragement to go after God. Hope to see you soon!

  32. kbug66 says:

    I love God appointments and having you with us at Awaken lastnight and at Grace this morning was one of those. What a blessing to meet you and be challenged by your heart to take God’s love across the country. Be safe and come back to Texas sometime.
    We’ll be praying for you.

  33. billypi says:

    good luck guys….keep warm on 22 janurary 2015 in Greenville tx..

  34. We met two of gods little angels on Friday January 16,2015 on the square in Mt Vernon .we invited them to have lunch with us at “Our place cafe. After having lunch we invited them to stay with us overnight. They were a delight to have as our guests. They prayed for my daughter who has terminal ovarian Cancer .It was a blessing to of met them and pray we cross paths again on their journey back home.

  35. Ms. Sue says:

    Enjoyed meeting you guys in Omaha, TX. at The Rear of the Steer. May God keep a hedge of protection around you at all times. You’re in my prayers.
    Ms. Sue

  36. Heith says:

    Good chatting with you guys today!

  37. Janee says:

    Thank you for coming to Unity Baptist today in Hope, AR and speaking to our youth! I do not think y’all will completely know how blessed we were by your visit, this side of heaven! Praying for y’all! Unity always has a place for you if you come again!

  38. Mike Hunstable says:

    Was nice to meet these two, they spent the night , then they were off on their adventure…Safe travels guys with Gods speed….. Malvern AR,

  39. Michelle Maynard says:

    Thank Your for gracing us along your travels, here in Malvern, Arkansas!!!🙂 May God continue to Bless your journey, across the USA, We all enjoyed your overnight stay in our front yard. Safe travels, our prayers are with your every step.

  40. Josh Goodman says:

    Sitting at Kevin Spencer’s house in Benton AR. with Trevor and Jonathan- two cool dudes- gave em some toilet paper. Lol! Enjoyed having them at CenterPoint Church

  41. marty tyler says:

    I met you guys at a store/chicken place in Arkansas where yal were allowed to stay the night before I admire both of you and commend yal for what you are doing. Be safe

  42. Lisa Harding says:

    Hey I met you guys in bryant arkansas @ 10 fitness. I hope yall enjoyed the hot showers!!! I know God choose you two for this journey purposely and he is so happy with yall right now. God bless you both…. safe travels stay warm take care. ..

  43. Jill Gray says:

    Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the nature center at little rock. Y’all be safe and enjoy the journey.

  44. Scott and Michelle says:

    We met you guys in the elevator in our hotel here in Little Rock. Safe travels and God be with you both.

  45. Jan Stewart says:

    Prayers for you two from Lonoke Baptist Church

  46. Murphy says:

    hey Trevor and Jonathan its been awhile but do you remember coming into nashville at kfc and god told me to feed you two and also turn your change into dollar bills i just wanted to let you two know that after you two left i started on a book thats called The Walking Souls thats for the uplifting andGod bless you two brothers.

  47. Amy Pearson says:

    Thank you for stopping by Lonoke, Arkansas!!! We were blessed to be able to provide a temporary resting place during your journey. I pray God’s protection over you and that He grants you great boldness as you share His love!

  48. Kat Gosney says:

    Getting ready to head to Assembly of God church in Lonoke AR with Trevor and Jonathan. They stayed at the farm with the Gosney family in Carlisle, AR last night. So wonderful that God lead them into our family.

  49. Melinda says:

    It was such a pleasure to meet you guys in Brinkley Arkansas , I had a great time talking with you both I hope only the best on your journey keep your Faith and lean on God he will carry you long and far God Bless you both I’ll be keeping y’all in my Prayers and Thank y’all for the Prayers …

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