A Church Of Us

Loving Jesus and others through daily lifestyles of faith and action…

Would you like to walk across America, longboard, or do something else wild to reach the lost and impact our culture for Jesus?


We want to make sure each team is well prepaired to face the elements and situations they may encounter out in the wild along with proper training in ways to communicate their faith and grow together as a team


We have a passion for mentorship as each small group has a leader and each leader has a mentor


We send teams hiking, long boarding, etc. throughout America with the vision of reaching the world for the Gospel


We connect with Church gatherings where there is, connect together as the Church, and bring the Gospel message of Jesus everywhere we go to connect folks to their loving God and savior


We have a passion for influencing our culture through talented art and giving your “fish and loves” to further develop your gifts/ passions for the Gospel


You will be put in scenarios that will be useful for teaching you, connecting with the bible, community, and stretch your faith in a way you will carry throughout the rest of your life

Our mission is to love Jesus and others through daily lifestyles of faith and action.

Our passion is to connect with Church where there is, and be the church where there is not. To love God and People. And creatively engage our culture.

Jonathan, Trevor, and friends
March 2, 2019

Help Save Trevor’s Life

Trevor is battling stage 4 lung cancer and is at a critical point. He is asking for your help for treatment and for prayer.
Justin and Cody
January 19, 2018

A Long 9 Days

January 4 marked the first day of our journey across America from Edmond, OK to Greenville, SC. We started at Cody’s dad’s barber shop in Edmond and plan to arrive…
Jonathan, Trevor, and friends
May 11, 2017

Opportunities to Speak

Hey everybody!! We had the awesome opportunity to share about our journey at two retirement communities and at our home church in Gap, Pennsylvania this past Sunday. You can view…

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